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We know from own experience how hard it is to find a good doctors  in Japan when you are not yet familiar with your new home. This is where we want to help you with our own and our clients’ recommendation. We want to make sure that you will be in good hands when you need a help. We also advise you to ask your colleagues at work and friends around as well. Bear in mind that you have a free choice to go to any hospital or clinic you wish in the world if your cover level allows it.

NOTICE:  We have arranged with all health facilities on this page to have our Claim Form at their office, so you don`t have to bring with you.  

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Tokyo Medical & Surgical Clinic

TMSC based in Kamiyacho, just in front of Tokyo Tower is well known among foreign residents in Tokyo.  They have many international doctors with their own specialty. Some of our corporate clients have own arrangement with the clinic. You can also do vaccination, all kind of health tests including for Visa application. 
Direct Billing for minor surgeries or expensive treatment is possible to arrange.

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National Medical Clinic

National Medical Clinic provides services with the best in pediatric and family care. They are not the “rush everybody and everything” type office. They give their patients time to talk about their issues, and the children are often given time to play with the toys before they start anything.  The initial visit for a baby check is allocated 60 minutes to give full attention not only to the baby but to the parents.

Physiotherapy in Tokyo
Physiotherapy, Pilates & Massage

TokyoPhysio –  is the founding practice of the Asia Physio Group. They practice Australian-style of physiotherapy, generally considered the world leader in physiotherapy. They provide treatment for a wide range of conditions including non-specific sports injuries, post-surgery rehabilitation, lower back and neck pain, and pediatric physiotherapy and more.

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Motoazabu Hills Dental Clinic

Motoazabu Hills Dental Clinic (link to their website has been broken for long time. Please search). The Motoazabu Hills Dental Clinic offers the peace of mind that only comes from the best-trained dentists in Tokyo. Their dentists take the time to explain every step of a treatment, always ask for consent, and help you relax during the sessions. At the Tokyo Motoazabu Hills Dental Clinic, they restore oral health and prevent new problems from arising. Their team of dentists holds various specializations, offering our patients expert care in areas such as periodontitis, aesthetic work or pediatric dentistry.

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Fitness Club in Tokyo

Club 360 is based in Roppongi and caters to all your fitness and rehabilitation needs. They offer personal training, fitness classes, box, karate and massage. One of the best place for adults, children and whole families to stay active in the middle of Tokyo.

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STOP SMOKING with the Symonds Method

Nicotine Monkey – Is there a way to stop smoking easily and quickly, without nicotine, drugs, hypnosis or gimmicks? The answer is a definite ‘Yes’ – if you go about it the right way. Dr Gabriel Symonds has helped hundreds of smoking to quit with his unique simple method. It’s explained – with much else besides – in his books. Private sessions (in person or via Skype) are also available.

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International Money Transfer Cheap.

Wise – Known as TransferWise is the cheapest international online money transfer service. Wise provides also debit card that can be used for insurance payment. We use it and our clients too. Real exchange rates. Low cost. Stress free. Fast.

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