Is Coronavirus Pandemic or Panic-demic ?

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Pandemic or Panic-demic?

The world lives today with Coronavirus which is contiguous, and we don`t really know how one can get infected. Is it through simple contact, just being next to each other and inhale the same air? Or someone must sneeze or cough directly at us?
WHO announced Pandemic, (earlier lowered requirement when it should call this way) but maybe is more like Panic-demic.
The whole world is now in one big panic and stress orchestrated a lot by… various media that add to the fire of the “deadly” virus. I don`t say that the Coronavirus is like any other flu, but by causing panic and stress among people can contribute to other health issues due to emotional stress. 

We see daily pictures from Italy as the worse hit EU country following by Spain. According to  private sources the problem is that in Italy they do a lot of simple screening test which has many false positive result. It’s not the proper way to do it. Besides, they “put everyone who died into one basket” which makes the numbers. Basically, people who were in need for urgent treatment due to different health issues and dies are in it. People who were infected, but died not because of coronavirus are in it. No matter what the cause of death was, the death toll is picked up by media as rising.
Spain seems to follow the same path as Italy, this is why we see huge increase over there as well.

Another example is from news in Poland. 27 years old woman had died. What do you think was in the news? It went something like: “27 years old young woman died from coronavirus“.
Well, the good news is that it has been investigated further. She did not have an infection, but died due to totally different health problem. Here we go! There is a possibility that many other countries do exactly the same.
No facts find and no proper check what was the cause of death. It makes great stories with more panic and  emotional stress.

Why nobody is talking every day about those who had Coronavirus, but survived and is fine now? How many people survived? Who are they? what was their age and where they live? The simple reason for not reporting is a FEAR. If hope is reported then life would carry on as usual and media would have to find more viewers different way. Fear is perfect to play with emotions. We can be manipulated to act accordingly and yet to allow our every single move to be tracked and traced with so called Vaccine Passport. Something that had never been pushed for any other illness such as flu or SARS. Anyway, no politics here.

This virus at some point takes away our lives and freedoms. This is a fact. However, overreacting is not good for your health. It is filled with stress and emotions again. Why would you allow your immune system to weaken because of the stress that you make to yourself? On the other hand, follow simple rules and try no to participate in any group activities and big events.
The most important thing that many learn only now is basic hygiene such as washing hands for at least 20 seconds.
I found a lot of men in Tokyo don`t wash their hands after going to a public toilet. In the best scenario, they just touch water for maybe half a second with their 2 important fingers (thumb and point one). Then, they carry on. Now those same people ride in the train and touch handles and other objects. We can be victims of any virus after touching it later. It doesn`t ends in Japan. This happens everywhere.
We must use common sense when comes to interaction and hygienic everyday, not only in this situation.

In many countries, people are locked down in their homes. Army and Police patrol the streets (Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, U.S, India) to enforce new order. It is not easy to be a prisoner in own home.

Many people have never been in such a situation before. Some people will complain while others are happy to be with their family. Companies will likely realize now that many of their employees can work from home and do the same job without forcing them to show up every single day in the office.
Less traffic jam, less overcrowded trains, better health and greener environment. China`s air quality has improved by 25% since the outbreak.

My advice to you:

  • Exercise every day
  • Enjoy your time and do something you always wanted to do. Maybe things that you left behind because of lack of time. Maybe continue with your hobby or build online business. Use this time wisely.
  • Play more with your children, hug your partner and enjoy time together.
  • Avoid too much negative news. There is a lot of fake news on the net. Learn to distinguish them from real ones.
  • MEDITATE EVERY SINGLE DAY. It helps a lot, believe me. Clear your mind, focus on strength and imagine your immune system as a clean as possible to overcome any sickness. It is worth to try.
  • Take Zync and Vitamine C. In addition Garlic may help to keep your immune system strong too
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