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If you have some questions you’d like to ask or perhaps you are a company or embassy who look for a group plan, just get in touch using the contact form on this page or call us. We respond pretty quickly, as in usually the same or next day.
We suggest to schedule live video chat where both parties can “meet” and have face to face friendly conversation. We use Cisco Webex for all video conferences.


To request a quote as an individual or family please click HERE
Companies and Embassies, please send General Inquiry or call after 14:00 JST
In case we couldn`t pick it up, please leave a message and we get back to you shortly. Thank you.

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If your message is about an Individual quotation request then we may not respond to you. This form is only for General Inquiry and for Group Quotation requests.

For Individuals and Families please click the button Get a Quote.  You can ask questions there too. Thank you for your understanding.

If you don`t hear from us after 24h please send an email again to: request[at]